When you are ready to send your mobile windshield replacement claim through your insurance company, we will handle it. Tim's Glass will submit your glass claim for processing. We belong to the glass claims processing network and have good relationships with many of the local insurance offices. Contact your agent, inquire about your coverages & deductible, and MOST OF THE TIME, your agent will just ask where you want the work done and THEY will contact US. Give them our number [970-317-2122] and you are done! We will contact you for the day and time that you want service. EASY! Call your agent or NewView.

      Windshield Laws


​This snip-it was taken from the Colorado Department of Transportation.


"It is illegal to drive with a broken windshield in the State Of Colorado. Fines for driving with a broken windshield are enforced. 

Colorado Revised Statue 42-4-201 under paragraph 2 says that no vehicle shall be operated on the highway unless the driver’s vision through any required glass equipment is normal and unobstructed. It is a Class A traffic infraction to be in violation of this part of CO Law."


Class A traffic infractions in Colorado cost etween $15 and $100. The Colorado fine lists we looked at show that for a violation of 42-2-201 the cost is usually $35 fine with a $10 surcharge.


TIM'S GLASS will make the needed changes fast!

      Auto Glass Claim Information 

We aren't insurance agents, but we have learned that most Auto glass claims are processed as comprehensive claims. We learned from some of your local agents that comprehensive claims don't hurt your driving record and they dont increase your premium as long as you don't make numerous glass claims in the same 6 month period.  We thought that was interesting.

We also noticed that some Insurance providers don't pay for a new power window regulator. A power window motor is considered a mechanical part of the vehicle like the motor, so when it fails, they say it is 'wear and tear". Power window regulators are not considered a 'glass' claim unless the glass is also broken. Your broken power window repair can be performed by Tim's Glass at a fraction of the cost that you will pay an auto mechanic. 


A lot of Insurance providers cover glass repairs in full if you elect to get a repair before you need a mobile windshield replacement .  Call us - We belong to  all of the glass claim networks in our region. We can help. 

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