Should I Repair my Windshield or Replace it?


Savvy customers know that there is a major difference between having repairs done to their windshield, versus the outright replacement of their front glass. This is why we are continually asked whether or not a replacement is necessary, and why we are attempt to bring you repairs in every circumstance that suits the conditions. When you choose Tim's Auto Glass of Clifton, Colorado you will get the most accurate assessment and judgement on the state of your windshield, and the knowledge that we will always try and bring you the most affordable option.  



Whether you choose windshield repairs or a full windshield replacement, you will be without that particular vehicle for at least a few hours of your day. Repairs can take upwards of two hours to give the proper curing time for the adhesives used, and a replacement can take roughly the same time. Choosing one or the other based on time will see you in virtually the same boat. Allotting the necessary time for repair, replacement and curing is important to ensure that the work is properly done, and that your windshield is safe and secure.     



There is a major cost difference between repair and replacement, and most of this is due to the cost of the glass itself that will be used to replace. A small amount of adhesive is significantly cheaper than an entire windshield, and whenever possible we attempt to bring you the more affordable option. Repairs can only be done up to a certain amount of damage though, and at some points you may have no choice but to seek a full replacement. Whenever possible Tim's Auto Glass will work with you to ensure that you receive the amount of work that you’re comfortable paying for.   GET A QUOTE



The difference between a repair and a replacement ultimately comes down to the amount of damage received by your windshield. Repairs can cover up to a certain amount of damage, but there may come a point where a replacement is unavoidable. You can be sure that Tim's Auto Glass will always give you the most accurate assessment of your windshield, and the recourse that should be taken. We will never suggest an expensive replacement if a repair is still an option. We believe that an informed and accurate decision is the only one that’s worth making.  CALL US NOW



We know ... your rear glass is just as important as your front glass.  If your auto glass is just cracked, we may be able to repair it, if it hasnt spread yet. However. If it has split or shattered, we will need to special order your glass.. The good news is, we will replace rear window glass in 1-2 days. CALL US NOW



No matter the service offering you need from Tim's Auto Glass you can be sure that we will bring you the most experienced and specialized service in the Clifton area. We have been proudly bringing our high quality service to the region for many years, and have built ourselves a reputation of honesty, and dedication to our craft. No matter the need, or the level of damages to your windshield, you can depend on Tim's Auto Glass to be there when you need us, bringing you specialized windshield repair, and ensuring that you are left with nothing but benefits in our wake.   GET A QUOTE

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