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Some levels of damages to your windshield are too extensive to merely have a repair done, and in these events, you can trust in the professional services of Mobile Auto Glass to bring you the high quality windshield replacement you need, right here in Grand Junction Colorado. We bring you a service that is founded on expertise, and fast accurate service, leaving you less time without your vehicle, and more time to enjoy the new crack free view you have when out and driving the Grand Valley roads.


Our service is one that is steeped in experience, and we bring you a service that will see to your replacement regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. We know that some windshields have rain sensors or defrosting features that enable your car to serve all of your needs - if your glass repair technichian does not identify these features for your vehicle's year, make and model, some of your cars features can be compromised. That is why you want Mobile Auto Glass  to perform the work. We bring you a service that is dedicated to suiting any need, and we take the time to process the order. We identify the exact windshield for your vehicle. The replacement time is quick and seamless. We offer you a mobile windshield replacement service that ensures your vehicle doesn’t even have to leave the driveway to get the professional service you need.


There is a wide variety of different windshield glass to choose from when it comes to your Grand Junction windshield replacement. A lot of customers request OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass - and we are happy to get it for you, but we wouldnt be the great guys that we claim to be, if we didn't point out to you that the only difference between OEM glass and generic glass is the fact that the manufacturer either stamped the auto maker's brand in the corner or they didnt. ​That little brand can cost you an extra $200. NO JOKE! The cost difference is in the branding, not the glass, so the same glass maker, manufactures BMW glass and generic glass. Same quality. OEM has a fancy brand, and 'generic' does not. We just thought you might want to know the facts BEFORE we quote your glass. We work with some of the biggest and best suppliers in the country to ensure that no matter the type of windshield you’re looking for, you can get it installed with the same high precision.


Over time, your Power Window may seem like it has come off the track, or maybe it's not opening or closing anymore. And sometimes it seems to be stuck or broken. You may be right. If your power window is moving slowly or just made a sharp sound and dropped down inside the door, it is time to call us. If any of this sounds familiar, you probably have a broken power window regulator or "window motor". We have noticed that the newer vehicles are being made with power window regulators that have plastic components in them that dry, become brittle and give out much sooner than the older regulators. Sound like your car? If you are like most  most vehicle owners, you probably thought you had to take your vehicle to your dealership or a car repair shopto get it fixed. DONT DO IT! Mobile Auto Glass can fix your broken power window at a fraction of the cost! We will meet or beat any printed estimate you provide us!


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We bring you our service through mobile means which ensures that you don’t have to drive anywhere with a damaged windshield. Once on site, our professionals go right to work to ensure that you have a fast replacement, and that you will be able to hit the road in no time. We know how important your vehicle is to you, and we ensure that you have the fastest means of replacement when needed. 

Additionally, Mobile Auto Glass understands that windshield replacement can be pricey, which is why we always suggest that you get in touch with your insurance provider when possible to find out whether or not the assistance you need financially is covered. If so, we assist you with the entire process to ensure that you have the means to getting that help when you need it. We aim to deliver high quality service at an affordable price, and with your insurance companies assistance, not having to pay for your replacement, we’re sure, is a price point that you can’t beat.

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